About Ashur Soro

Ashur Soro

Born in 1954 in Kirkuk, Iraq, Ashur Soro became an ordained deacon with the Assyrian Church in 1973. In 1982 he was ordained a priest and in 1984 he was ordained a bishop. While ordained as a priest and bishop, Ashur Soro earned a master of arts in systematic theology from the Catholic University of America in Washington, DC, and both a licentiate of sacred theology and a doctor of sacred theology from the Saint Thomas Pontifical University in Rome, Italy.

Since 2014, Ashur Soro has served dual roles as the titular bishop of Foratiana and the vicar general of the Chaldean Catholic Diocese of Saint Peter the Apostle in El Cajon, California. In addition to these primary positions, he is involved with a number of diocesan and parochial pastoral groups, particularly those that cater to young adults and couples.

Outside of the professional environment, Bishop Soro enjoys reading as well as softball, soccer, and volleyball. He is also an avid cook with a particular penchant for Middle Eastern and Italian cuisine.