The Role of the Vicar General in the Catholic Church

Ashur Soro

Ashur Soro

Ashur Soro has served as the titular bishop of Foraziana and a vicar general for the Chaldean Catholic Diocese of Saint Peter the Apostle in El Cajon, California, since January 2014. As a vicar general, Ashur Soro is the principle representative of the Diocesan Bishop at parishes throughout his diocese.

Vicar generals rank directly below bishops in the overall hierarchy of the Catholic Church. These church leaders are mostly priests, but also bishops, who serve on behalf of the diocesan bishop to support both clergy and members of each parish. There are some restrictions on what vicar generals can do; the canon law of the Catholic Church assigns some specific tasks that are the sole responsibility of bishops.

Generally speaking, there is only one vicar general appointed for any Catholic diocese or archdiocese, and there are strict qualifications that individuals must meet in order to fill this role. The requirements include being 25 years old, being knowledgeable in canon law, and having no blood relationship with the bishop of their diocese.