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After serving as a parish priest at the Assyrian Church of the East in Toronto, Ontario, Ashur Soro attended the Catholic University of America in 1991 where he received his MA in theology also Ashur Soro attended St. Thomas Pontifical University in Rome, Italy, where he received a doctorate in sacred theology in 2000.

Located in Washington D.C., the Catholic University of America is associated with several programs that promote the Catholic way of life, including the Catholic News Service (CNS). Reporting information that is relevant to Catholics around the world, CNS has been providing professional journalistic articles and reports since 1920.

Founded by bishops within the United States, CNS offers news reports in various formats including online, videos, magazines, newsletters, and newspapers. The CNS documentary service provides texts and data from the English speaking world as well as Vatican resources. Information is available in both a core package and a premier package format.